Noureen Dewulf

The Juice Magazine Pieces Index

Here’s a list of my pieces for The Juice Magazine (Click to read):

September 2016: Bollywood Slayers on American TV
December 2015:
 Party TV: What to Binge-Watch over the Holiday Season
December 2015: Scare Wars: The Rise of Indie Horror 2015
November 2015: Move Over Television, YouTube’s Here
September 2015: The Good, The Fad and The Ugly of Fall TV 2015
June 2015: Shows for Bros: Six Shows like Entourage
February 2015: Q&A with Noureen Dewulf 
December 2014: Superhero Smackdown: Marvel Vs DC on TV
November 2014: The Origin of Bollywood South Park
April 2014: A Beginner’s Guide to Game of Thrones

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