Awesome TV Show Ep 8

Awesome TV Show

From June 2016, I have been hosting a YouTube Show called The Awesome TV Show for Anupama Chopra’s YouTube Channel, Film Companion. In the fortnightly show (mostly), I recommend awesome television shows to watch, recap and review new episodes of some of the best ones and gives loads of lists on what to watch and where.

Episode 8: Luke Cage Roundup + Awesome TV on TV
Episode 7: Emmy Awards Predictions + Narcos S02 Roundup
Episode 6: David Harbour Interview (EXCLUSIVE)
Episode 5: Comic Con Trailers Roundup + Stranger Things
Episode 4: Emmy noms roundup + 20 Shows to watch
Episode 3: GoT Finale Recap + Shows like GoT
Episode 2: GoT Battle of the Bastards + 5 More Great Shows of 2016
Episode 1: The 15 Best Shows of 2016

Watch the playlist of ALL episodes of The Awesome TV Show so far here:

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