Sunday Guardian Pieces Index

Here’s a list of my pieces for Sunday Guardian (Click to read):

June 2015: Kevin Dillon QnA #Entourage
January 2015: Marta Kauffman & David Crane QnA #FRIENDS
November 2014: Thomas Sadoski QnA #TheNewsroom
November 2014: Annet Mahendru QnA #TheAmericans
October 2014: Rupert Friend QnA #Homeland
October 2014: Anatol Yusef QnA #BoardwalkEmpire
October 2014: Joshua Malina QnA #Scandal
September 2014:
RomComs on TV – Same Same, But Different
September 2014:
Why Last Week Tonight is the greatest show on Earth
September 2014:
Small Goes Big – Superheroes on TV!
September 2014:
Guardians of the Galaxy – Shining Light on Superhero Franchises
August 2014:
Emmy Predictions – Who Should Win & Who Will
August 2014: Nicolas Winding Refn QnA #OnlyGodForgives

August 2014: Comic Con Roundup – Winners & Losers
July 2014:
What to watch after True Detective & Breaking Bad
June 2014:
Cannes Roundup – Films on our Must-Watch List

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