Note: This piece was written by Nikhil Taneja (@tanejamainhoonfor Man’s World Magazine in November 2015 and is the fifth article of a monthly column on international TV.

It’s been a few years since critics declared ‘TV as the new film’, and rightfully so. Nobody can claim Breaking Bad, The Wire, Mad Men or Game of Thrones to be any less cinematic than any feature film in theaters today. But with the budgets of TV shows going bonkers, and with any film that does not have the word ‘super’ in its description steadily failing to find audiences, more and more movie stars are now embracing TV as their medium of choice.

In only two years, we’ve seen Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective, Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton in Fargo, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in House of Cards and Halle Berry in Extant enthralling television audiences with their magic. With fall TV premiering tons of new programming in the final months of the year, here’s looking at some more of the biggest stars coming to TV, and where you can watch them:

  1. Priyanka Chopra in Quantico
    Priyanka Chopra is one of the world’s biggest movie stars and ABC has ensured that she’s been on billboards plastered across New York, appeared on the biggest US talk shows and has received a prime time slot on TV for their new thriller series fronted by her, Quantico. First few episodes down, the show is a runaway hit, and Chopra a legitimate international star.
  1. Bradley Cooper in Limitless
    Limitless is among the most buzzed about movie-to-television remakes this year, which also include Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report and the upcoming Rush Hour. The reason? Executive producer Bradley Cooper, who starred in the movie, also makes a recurring appearance on the TV series.
  1. Wesley Snipes in The Player
    Blade is back! One of the first and most watchable comic book heroes, Wesley Snipes, one the world’s biggest action movie stars of the ‘90s, comes to TV in an action thriller designed to use his skills – being cool, suave yet badass at the same time.
  1. Kirsten Dunst in Fargo
    The original Mary Jane Watson – the girl on the other side of the iconic Spider-Man kiss – and one of America’s sweethearts of the early 2000s, Kirsten Dunst has been recently finding her feet in independent cinema. Last year, Fargo got the affable Martin Freeman to do some very twisted things… will Dunst be going grey this year?
  1. Aziz Ansari in Master of None
    One of the world’s funniest comedians, known of late for being BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence, is coming back to TV after his long stint in Parks and Recreation that propelled his career as an international star. On the back of a bestselling book and hit films, Ansari has created, produced and stars in Master of None.
  1. Clive Owen in The Knick
    If you missed the Steven Soderbergh-directed The Knick, you may have missed some of the best looking television made over the last decade, and a class act by Clive Owen, who may have finally found his calling as Dr. John Thackeray, a drug-addicted genius doctor in racially sensitive 1900s New York.
  1. Sharon Stone in Agent X
    The original femme fatale, Sharon Stone makes her TV debut with a straight up thriller this year, playing the Vice President of the United States in a series that she’s also executive producing. No Basic Instincts on display in this one.
  1. Rob Lowe in The Grinder
    Rob Lowe’s had a successful career managing both TV and movies jobs. The star of The Outsiders, St. Elmo’s Fire and The West Wing, has no paucity of roles, so when he’s doing TV now, you know it’s handpicked. The Grinder teams him with another former TV star, Fred Savage (The Wonder Years) and as comedy’s new odd couple, they make for a must-watch show.
  1. Jamie Lee Curtis in Scream Queens
    Freaky Friday star Jamie Lee Curtis has been flirting with television with guest arcs in NCIS and New Girl over the past few years, but Ryan Murphy, the showrunner behind Glee, American Horror Story, has managed to pull her in as the lead of a comedy horror show, Scream Queens, opposite Emma Roberts. It will be freaky, alright.
  1. Tyrese Gibson in Empire
    On the back of starring in one of the most profitable franchises in movie history, The Fast and the Furious series, Gibson is coming to television in a recurring role to lend his support to the most talked about television show of the year, Empire, against episodic arcs by Chris Rock, Mariah Carrey, Pitbull and Timbaland.

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Note: This piece first appeared in Man’s World Magazine in the November 2015 issue.
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