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1. ‘DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE’: MY TEDX TALK: I got the opportunity to give a TEDx Talk at TEDxSRCC in October 2015 and I spoke about a topic very close to my heart, Kindness. Check it out ūüôā
2.¬†DARR 2.0 TEASER: I am writing the next Y-Films series, Darr 2.0, an official reboot of Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic thriller, Darr. The series will launch in 2017.
3. THE AWESOME TV SHOW: Check out my YouTube Show, The Awesome TV Show for Anupama Chopra’s YouTube Channel, Film Companion. where I recommend awesome television shows to watch.
A TVC I wrote and creative produced for YRF & Ching’s Secret, starring Ranveer Singh.
5. INTERVIEW INDEX: Check out an exhaustive (but incomplete) list of most of the over 300+ interviews I have taken so far.

1.¬†MIRA NAIR (PROFILE): Through her new film, Queen of Katwe, Mira Nair aims to have the conversation going on inclusivity, diversity, humanity and ‚Äėqueening‚Äô.¬†
2. NEERAJ PANDEY (PROFILE):  MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, a big budget feature film on India’s most successful captain is a different kind of thriller for Neeraj Pandey.
An all-India exclusive interview with David Harbour, who plays Detective Jim Hopper on Stranger Things for my show, The Awesome TV Show.
4. RAHUL KHANNA (PROFILE): The crossover star of the 90s, Rahul Khanna plays a Pakistani intelligence officer in an Emmy-nominated drama and becomes the internet’s latest boyfriend.
In an in-depth chat, Maneesh Sharma opens up about Fan, its genesis and his long association with YRF.


1. WHAT BOLLYWOOD CAN PICK UP FROM THE DIGITAL CONTENT REVOLUTION:¬†As the Indian internet explodes with superior content, are there learnings that Bollywood can take from it? I write for Super Cinema’s October 2016 issue.
2. WHY GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY IS THE BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE OF ALL TIME: My ode to what I think is the best superhero movie ever made, and my reasons why, for VoxPop Blog.
3. TELL YOUR STORY, MAKE A FILM: This is the best time to be a creative person in India and there is literally no excuse to not be telling your stories. I write for the Edutainment Show Handbook.
4. OSCARS SO WHITE… AND DULL: I write about the most controversial Academy Awards in recent times, the Oscars 2016, which was plagued by a whitewashing controversy, for Open Magazine.
5.¬†THE RISE OF THE PRESTIGE DOCUMENTARY: Non-fiction, particularly true crime docu dramas are getting huge on television. I list the best of the lot for Man’s World.

Shah Rukh Khan dissects fame and success and confesses that many chapters of his life remain closed to all.
2. JOSH RADNOR INTERVIEW: Josh Radnor, one of my favourite directors (of Liberal Arts and Happythankyoumoreplease), best known as Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother in an exclusive interview for The Huffington Post.
3. MARTA KAUFFMAN & DAVID CRANE INTERVIEW: An exclusive interview with the greatest sitcom writers on earth Рthe creators of FRIENDS, for The Sunday Guardian.
4. RICHARD LINKLATER INTERVIEW: An exclusive interview with one of my favourite directors of all time, the legend Richard Linkater, for Open Magazine.
5.¬†WHY WE CANNOT LET THE¬†INTERNET KILL¬†BOMBAY VELVET How I loved Bombay Velvet but everyone’s already¬†decided what they¬†feel about it… this article went viral on the internet.
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