Note: This piece was written by Nikhil Taneja (@tanejamainhoon) in December 2015 for The JuiceAn edited version of the piece can be found here:

It’s the holiday season (woohoo!), and while many of you are going to PARTAY (that’s party when said excitedly), there are a few who won’t because nothing beats sitting at home and binge-watching an awesome TV series on any occasion, right? Right? Well, if you do choose to go unorthodox and spend the festive season with your TV, here are some recommendations for what you should watch, depending on where and with whom you choose to watch it (Thank us later!):

Recommendation: MIXOLOGY
The writers of the ultimate adult partay film The Hangover, created the perfect partay binge watch TV show – Mixology! About one night at a Manhattan bar, five men and five women meet each other in various permutations to find the person to go back home with. This show has alcohol, friendship, love, New York and lots of LOL – so exactly what you need to put on if your party needs to get on!


Recommendation: YOU’RE THE WORST (Season 1)
At a boring party that can only be saved by putting on a TV series that everyone’s going to dig PLUS make you look cool? Keep a season of You’re The Worst handy. An uncouth, obnoxious, hardcore and funny sitcom about adults who refuse to grow up, YTW has a big heart hidden deep down inside – so no one can suspect you of having any intentions other than getting people to partay!

Recommendation (if you’re unmarried): DATESdates
Surprise your better half with this thoughtfully curated series either of you have probably never heard of before but is totally going to be worth it because it’s amazing! Dates is a Brit dramedy about a series of first dates between a bunch of (late) 20-somethings, and the possibility of them finding love somehow. There is romance on screen, and in the writing too.

catastropheRecommendation (if you’re married): CATASTROPHE (Season 1)
We promise that your better half will *not* find it cheeky if you decide to watch a romcom named Catastrophe with him/her. Because while the name does reflect some of the situations the awkward Brit twosome in the series go through, the series is just the enough kind of rom and com you need for a happy night in.


Recommendation (if you have guy bros): NARCOSnarcos
If there is one series this year that all men must watch – together – it is Narcos. The Netflix show about the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar wins the award for the most amount of badass in a single season of a series in a long, long time. Drugs, guns, heroes and villains, the series has it all. Your bros are so going to dig this!

agent carterRecommendation (if you have girl bros): AGENT CARTER
If there is one series this year that all women must watch – together – it is Agent Carter! The only legit super-heroine show (well, at least until Jessica Jones releases), there is more sass – and kick-ass – in Peggy Carter and Hayley Atwell, who plays her, than there is any other series this year.


Recommendation: FREAKS AND GEEKS
If you’re spending the evening with your buds from the good ol’ days, soak in some nostalgia of how very lame life was growing up, and how that’s exactly what makes it cool in retrospect. Freaks & Geeks was one of Judd Apatow’s first shows, and launched the careers of Seth Rogen, James Franco & Jason Segel, so your friends are going to love you for this discovery.

how to make it in americaRecommendation: HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA
So your gang like to spend the festival together, high on, you know, life and love and friendship, obviously, put on How To Make It In America, the spiritual prequel and street version of Entourage, about a bunch of friends trying to make it. The show’s exec. produced by the same guys behind Entourage, and it’s just what you need for an evening of chill.

Recommendation: THE JINXthe jinx
So you’ve decided to call your boss and colleagues for a work partay? Show them you’ve got taste by putting on the HBO crime thriller documentary, The Jinx. The most talked about non-fiction mini-series in years, The Jinx will have all your co-workers by their nether regions and by the time it ends, your boss would secretly be thinking, ‘I need to give this person a raise, because, WHAT TASTE!’


about a boy seaosn 2Recommendation (if you’re with your folks): ABOUT A BOY
So your folks and you have decided to spend the holidays together? Show them About a Boy, the exact kind of show that will make your parents believe you do have emotions inside of you, and will make you believe that too. The TV remake of the Nick Hornby novel, the series is just as good as the film, if not better.

Recommendation (if you’re with your sibling): DIFFICULT PEOPLEdifficult people
With your younger/older brother/sister on the holiday? Difficult People is the perfect series for you. Executive produced by the kickass Amy Poehler and starring Billy Eichner (of Billy on the Street) and Julie Klausner as two super-bitchy BFFs who find something annoying about *everything*, the series is like watching your sibling and you on TV.

master of noneRecommendation: MASTER OF NONE
Spending the festive season all by yourself out of choice? Binge-watch Master of None this year, Aziz Ansari’s Netflix dramedy. The show’s basically like Louie – a funny guy and his life in the city – except that this is the perspective of a funny Indian guy in New York and there’s so much heart underneath all the humour, you’ll never feel alone by choice at the end of it… you’ll have Aziz as your friend!

Recommendation: BLACK MIRRORblack mirror
Spending the festive season alone because WHO CARES ABOUT THE FESTIVE SEASON BECAUSE THE HUMAN RACE IS DOOMED ANYWAY? We’ve got just the show for you: Check out Black Mirror, the most twisted, terrifying, harrowing show that will agree with all your thoughts about where our world is headed and why. If you disagree with the world, this show will agree with you!


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Note: This piece first appeared in The Juice in the December 2015 issue. You can read an edited version of the piece here:
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