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THE 30 BEST INDIES OF 2015: http://goo.gl/xfRuOk
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THE 100 MOST AWAITED FILMS OF 2016: http://goo.gl/KLHbTP
THE 35 MOST AWAITED TV SERIES OF 2016: http://goo.gl/b20Hr7

2015 was a landmark year in what has come to be known as ‘Peak TV’. There was SO much TV and SO much of it was outstanding that I ended up watching over 100 TV shows through the year (out of which 70 were full seasons), and had to reduce my movie watching for the same reason. I’ve compiled below the list of the best new shows (drama and comedy) and the best returning shows (drama and comedy) of 2015. So this becomes a handy guide on what TV shows to look out for in their second seasons in 2016!


  1. NARCOS: Because there has never been any other show with such scale and ambition attempted so far, and the makers of Narcos have pulled it off like only the cartels could!
  2. MAKING A MURDERER: Because watching the show is like living in a nightmare that you can’t wake up from.. ever.
  3. MR. ROBOT: Because with this show, Sam Esmail has given us the ultimate f**k you to this generation’s obsession with technology, in a twisted, warped, incredibly gripping way.
  4. JESSICA JONES: Because this show has given the Marvel Universe (yes, the entire MCU) its first great villain outside of Loki: David Tennant’s Kilgrave (another Brit baddies, surprise!).
  5. THE JINX: Because before Making a Murderer came along, this show was the true-life crime documentary the world was obsessed with, and its climax is *the* pop culture moment of the year.
  6. AGENT CARTER: Because where Netflix’s other TV shows are tonally reminiscent to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Agent Carter is a refreshingly sassy hero, who is, for once, a heroine.
  7. BETTER CALL SAUL: Because not only did they get back Saul Goodman, they also got back Mike Ehrmantaut and that gave us the year’s most inimitable friendship.
  8. SENSE8: Because with Sense8, the Wachowski siblings may have pulled up the world’s first truly global TV series, spanning four continents, and trying to address the question of ‘identity’ across each.
  9. THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE: Because the alternate history world that the show resides in paints a truly compelling – and frightening – picture of how our lives could have been had WWII been lost.
  10. FORTITUDE: Because as Christopher Nolan had shown us with Insomnia, there is no better way to do a psychological thriller than to set it in the cold, dark, isolated Scandinavian setting.
  11. FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: Because the show proves there is more to fear when the world is on the verge of losing than when it’s already lost.
  12. MARCO POLO: Because it is one of the most vivid, visually arresting, epic shows and criminally underrated of our times, rivaling Game of Thrones in scope and spirit both.
  13. DAREDEVIL: Because the show gave us Marvel’s first thumping TV win and laid the foundation for the gritty Hell’s Kitchen setting that’s more DC than Marvel.
  14. THE LAST KINGDOM: Because while the ‘UK’s sprawling series about Brits vs Nordics may not be its answer to Game of Thrones, it’s still immensely watchable TV all the same.
  15. HUMANS: Because just like Black Mirror predicted, even in the future it’s not robots we need to be afraid of, but humans.
  16. AMERICAN CRIME: Because the kind of writing 12 Years a Slave writer, John Ridley, has brought to the small screen, has never been seen before on network TV.
  17. WAYWARD PINES: Because this is the first thing after The Sixth Sense that Manoj N. Shyamalan has produced where he gives answers and they happen to be creepier than the question.
  18. DEUTSCHLAND 83: Because German citizens got the short end of the stick at the end of WWII and this cold war spy coming of age will take you into their world that we never knew of.
  19. BLOODLINE: Because Ben Mendhelson is this generation’s most watchable character actor.
  20. EMPIRE: Because besides the heavy hitters in its cast, this show has more plot in every episode than Mad Men had over 8 seasons… it’s a true network achievement!


  1. FARGO: Because it’s easily Breaking Bad’s successor as the best TV show of today, and where I stand, Noah Hawley can do Coen Brothers better than Coen Brothers can – in fact Fargo is the reason why TV today is better than cinema, and is the shining example of the great times we live in called ‘Peak TV’.
  2. THE AMERICANS: Because as the most consistently outstanding and most criminally underrated TV show of the last three years, the cold war spy drama is a cable TV classic that should not be missed.
  3. GAME OF THRONES: Because somehow, every year, the show manages to raise the stakes and manages to beat every expectation the millions of fans have around the world.
  4. MANHATTAN: Because as the second most criminally underrated show of the last couple of years, Manhattan is just as consistent in being brilliant as The Americans is, and is about an even more intriguing plotline: the making of the atomic bomb.
  5. THE FLASH: Because neither Marvel nor DC have managed to make a superhero show that’s as much fun as this is – this show is what ‘comic’ books had intended their adaptations to be.
  6. MAD MEN: Because we may not ever be fully able to measure the impact of Mad Men on what we wear, but the series finale had a singular impact on how we think: that this was a show that defined the golden age of TV.
  7. SUITS: Because even in its fifth season, Suits manages to be just as exciting and entertaining as its initial run… and perhaps making Harvey Specter more human could have something to do with it.
  8. BATES MOTEL: Because before there was Wayward Pines, there was – and is – Bates Motel, the origin story of Pyscho’s Norman Bates, which is just as creepy, atmospheric and unpredictable in tone and as good in writing.
  9. THE LEFTOVERS: Because no one writes about life and loss like Damon Lindelof.
  10. THE KNICK: Because if TV is an art, no one can paint it like Steven Soderbergh can and that’s the most compelling reason to watch this show.


  1. MASTER OF NONE: Because Aziz Ansari has created, written and stars in this show about modern love and there is no greater reason to watch anything more than this.
  2. CASUAL: Because Jason Reitman is the only director today whose understanding and critique of modern love is just as sharp as Aziz Ansari’s.
  3. MOZART IN THE JUNGLE: Because Jason Schwartzmann and Roman Coppola have cast Gael Garcia Bernal and indie sensation Lola Kirke to make an ode to New York through the world of symphony orchestras.
  4. BIG TIME IN HOLLYWOOD, FL: Because if there was ever a stoner version of Fargo, this is it.. the best unseen show of 2015.
  5. RED OAKS: Because David Gordon Green has recreated the world of John Hughes through this teenage coming-of-age in the ‘80s throwback show.
  6. THE LAST MAN ON EARTH: Because Will Forte has teamed up with Chris Miller and Philip Lord (of 21 and 22 Jump Street Fame) for a post apocalyptic comedy so how could it not be gold?
  7. CATASTROPHE: Because though season two proved to be a dampener, there is enough to like in the adult romantic comedy for couples who don’t look like Brangelina.
  8. HAPPYISH: Because if you hate social media, technology, capitalism, consumerism, and umm, people in general, this show will validate you.
  9. TOGETHERNESS: Because just like all things by Duplass Brothers, this indie dysfunctional family comedy is also lovely as it’s about everything and nothing.
  10. BALLERS: Because it is from the guys behind Entourage and it looks, feels, walks and talks like Entourage but in sports and it stars The Rock.


  1. ABOUT A BOY: Because most underrated comedy on TV came to an end but not before making us feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside.
  2. SILICON VALLEY: Because if the Big Bang Theory made geeks cool, Silicon Valley makes the nerds hot… property.
  3. THE WRONG MANS: Because few people have managed to get the comic thriller space right on TV or films, and this show is hilarious and badass at the same time.
  4. MARRIED: Because in its season season, the comedy showed that you don’t necessarily need to be adults to be married, or at all, really.
  5. YOU’RE THE WORST: Because handling a tricky topic like depression in such a superlative manner shows that the best laughs come from the darkest situations.
  6. Veep: Because there are more memorable one-lines in Veep than there are comedy shows on TV.
  7. SURVIVOR’S REMORSE: Because this is not ‘Sports Entourage’ but ‘Sports Fast and Furious’ – it’s all about family, at the end of the day.
  8. FRESH OFF THE BOAT: Because as an Asian ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, FOTB is a fresh take on fitting in even when you stand out.
  9. BROAD CITY: Because girls can be ‘bros’ too, and if there ever was a show for girl bros, this is it.
  10. NEW GIRL: Because no matter how the good or bad the writing gets in subsequent episodes, that cast is the craziest comic ensemble on TV right now.

THE 30 BEST INDIES OF 2015: http://goo.gl/xfRuOk
THE 35 BEST FILMS OF 2015: http://goo.gl/Z796RR
THE 100 MOST AWAITED FILMS OF 2016: http://goo.gl/KLHbTP
THE 35 MOST AWAITED TV SERIES OF 2016: http://goo.gl/b20Hr7

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2 thoughts on “THE 50 BEST TV SHOWS OF 2015 (DRAMA & COMEDY)”

  1. My Favorites: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Mr. Robot, Humans, Hannibal, Show Me a Hero, Sense8, Agent Carter, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, The Man in The High Castle, Game of Thrones, Outlander, Vikings, Fargo, Orphan Black, The Last Man on Earth, Community, Person of Interest, Rectify, The Flash, iZombie, Arrow, Agents of Shield, Suits, Shameless and You’re the Worst

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