Anurag Kashyap’s 10 Commandments of No-Budget Filmmaking #Directed #Webseries #MTV

At MTV India, I produced an directed a very short web-series – Masterclass: The 10 Commandments of No-Budget Filmmaking by Anurag Kashyap; an Online Cinema Workshop – to promote Anurag Kashyap’s film, That Girl in Yellow Boots. I was in charge of the digital promotions of the film and this web-series was one of the various digital activities we did to market it online.

My work on the digital promotions of That Girl in Yellow Boots got me an award for The Best Entertainment Website (Silver) at the Indian Digital Media Awards 2012. 

Here are the videos:
Produced and Directed by: Nikhil Taneja

Promo/Making Of The Video

Commandment #1 – Do No-Budget Writing

Commandment #2 – With Limited Budget, Comes Limitless Scope

Commandment #3 – Keep An Eye for Detail

Commandment #4 – Take or Leave Free Advice

Commandment #5 – Use Friends with Benefits

Commandment #6 – Get Busy when Others are Free

Commandment #7 – Spam Everyone

Commandment #8 – Just Shoot, Don’t Talk

Commandment #9 – First Comes Story, then Bullshit

Commandment #10 – Feast on Fests

What did you think of the series? Leave your comments below!🙂

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