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Note: This piece was written by Nikhil Taneja (@tanejamainhoon) for The Juice. An edited version of the piece can be found here: http://goo.gl/LmqPpF

The Boys are Back! Yes, the most bro-tastic show of all time has got its own full length feature film that will release on June 19, 2015. Expect testosterone, debauchery, celebrity cameos, swag and swank in good measure, and a whole lot of bromance. We are sure you’ve already binged-watched the entire series in anticipation, but since you can never really have enough of bros being bros, here are some shows you can watch if Entourage is your favourite show of all time:

Survivor's Remorse

Survivor’s Remorse (Entourage for Sportsbuffs) – The Starz series that premiered last year had critics hailing it as the new Entourage and good reason: The show’s about the hot new basketball star, Cam Calloway, who came from humble origins and has his friends and family help him stay big and stay focused amidst riches and babes.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley (Entourage for Nerds) – If you are a nerd who likes Entourage because it is about the life you want but will probably never have, here’s a show about a life you can totally aspire to – once you and your bros crack that multi-billion startup idea. If you are not a nerd, watch this hilarious HBO show anyway, for the best dick joke of all time.


Workaholics (Entourage for 9-to-5ers) – So you spend most of your life at work, but spend most of that time *not* working? Workaholics is a show about exactly that. A raunchy comedy about three dudes who couldn’t give a f***, the Comedy Central show is best watched on the sly during office hours.

The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners (Entourage for the Awkward) – There are enough shows about awkward dudes having an embarrassing time getting laid, but this Brit Channel 4 show is about THE most awkward guys in THE most embarrassing situations. About four teenage boys who the world couldn’t give a f*** about, watch this show to relive your laught-out-loud cringe-worthy teenage years.

MixologyMixology (Entourage for the Desperate) – If The Inbetweeners grew up and grew the balls to hit on everything that moved, and yet had the same humiliating results as when they were teens, you’d end up with the guys from Mixology. A show from the writers of The Hangover (how much more ‘bro’ can you get?), this short-lived ABC series is best watched with lots of beer.

Broad CityBroad City (Entourage for Girl Bros) – There are many shows that could fit the ‘Entourage for Girls’ slot, right from the one that began it all, Sex and the City, to the very hipster Girls, but there is only one show that’s the Entourage for Girl Bros – Comedy Central’s Broad City. Guys can watch it too – even its name starts with ‘Bro’!


You’re The Worst – Entourage for the Commitment Phobic
The League – Entourage for Grown-ass Men
How to Make it In America – Entourage for Dreamers
Sons of Anarchy – Entourage for the Badass

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Note: This piece first appeared in The Juice in the June 2015 issue.
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