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Weekly column by Nikhil Taneja (@tanejamainhoon) for The Sunday Guardian. Original article:

Somewhere in between in trying to pull of the 13th ripoff of FRIENDS and doing all-new shows about brilliant white men with issues, dysfunctional white families but in a different decade or from a different planet, or just shows with Tim Allen in them, American television discovered that love is a big deal.

It is possible that this transpired during the final season of How I Met Your Mother, when half the world and their respective halves fell in love with Ted falling in love with Tracy McConnell. Even with its horrid and agonising conclusion, the season finale of the show unsuspectingly did something peculiar : For a show that taught the ‘move on’ generation what it really means to hold on to friendship forever, it left in its legacy, more than anything else, one of the sweetest romantic comedies modern day television has seen.

And what is even the point of television, if it isn’t to find out the sweet spot that fills the forever empty (ref: Louis CK) in our lives and give us more of the very same, packaged in a hundred thousand different original ways?  Pop philosophy aside, since love is the new trend, here are five new and improved shows you can watch on love this fall TV season:

  1. You’re The Worst: Arguably the most different of ‘the same’, the show is an exceedingly enjoyable and exceptionally toxic take on love, relationships and everything that the heart holds sacred. If Satan’s minions had to make a romcom, the characters of this show would fit right in. An anti-sitcom, this hilarious show is a must, must watch, if you’re looking for something fresh on TV.
  2. A to Z: The spinoff to How I Met Your Mother didn’t take off, because after Cristin Milioti, no one’s going to accept so easily another woman meeting the father of her kids on TV again. And so, A to Z is poised to win this game of romcom sitcoms, because it stars Milioti in the lead. The fact that Rashida Jones & Will McCormack have produced this cannot hurt, because Celeste and Jesse Forever (google it).
  3. Selfie: A remake of My Fair Lady with an Asian man and a Scottish woman set in the world of social media? Sounds suspect, but when you know the very cool John Cho and Karen Gillan (Dr Who) are those leads, and the trailer looks like a bunch of fun too, Selfie’s got us interested from the world ‘click’.
  4. Marry Me: A show from the creator of the very underrated Happy Endings is back with a show based on his marriage with Casey Wilson, who was the best thing about the show, and is usually the best thing in any comedy? Sold!
  5. Manhattan Love Story: The show’s trailer looks terribly generic and the fact that you can hear the lead couples’ thoughts throughout their relationship has us disturbed already for that moment when the ‘bad sex’ sitcom trope unfolds. But the series stars in its lead Analeigh Tipton, who we totally love from Crazy, Stupid, Love, so we will still be watching this, ever so cautiously.

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    Note: An edited version of this article first appeared in The Sunday Guardian in the September 27, 2014 issue.
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