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Weekly column by Nikhil Taneja (@tanejamainhoon) for The Sunday Guardian. Original article:

You may have heard that DC Comics and Marvel have locked down a total of 30 release dates over the next six years, right up to 2020, for the their upcoming planned comic book hero adaptations on the big screen, which include Avengers movies, Justice League movies, Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Fantastic Four movies. Add the X Men movies and the Spiderman movies to this roster, and you have around 40 superhero movies to look forward to (or escape from) in the coming years.

And if you thought that you could avoid this assault by altogether barring movie theatres from your lives, guess what? There are over 15 TV adaptations of comic books in the offing, and three of the biggest ones launch this fall season, starting from September. Wait… did I make all of this sound like this was bad news? Because, OH MY GOD, this is FREAKING AWESOME!

There are already two major superhero shows currently on TV, DC Comics’ Arrow and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, both of which return for their next seasons in October. But things are going to get *massive* this year with three mega shows (and a fourth in January) that will considerably expand the DC and Marvel shared universes on TV and possibly be the BEST THING EVER.

  1. Gotham (DC Comics): Gotham is the prequel to Batman and will feature the origin stories (of the origin story) of heroes and villains of the town where s**t’s been going down since ages now. The show will follow a young detective James Gordon, as he tries to solve the twin murders of 10 year old Bruce Wayne’s parents Thomas and Martha Wayne, and encounters villains like the Penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, just as they started to go batshit crazy. Epicness is guaranteed.
  2. The Flash (DC Comics): A young Flash will rise and discover his superhuman speed and strength this fall in Central City, not far away from Starling City, where the green-masked Arrow has been fighting crime for two seasons now. The buzz around The Flash is tremendous, thanks to a leaked pilot that went viral over the internet. We may or may not have seen that leaked pilot depending on who’s reading, but we can definitely confirm that it’s AWESOME.
  3. Constantine (DC Comics): While Constantine may not be the hottest comic book property because of the sins committed by its 2005 big screen adaptation, the upcoming TV series is developed by The Dark Knight trilogy writer David S. Goyer, stars a British actor in the lead and falls in the action horror genre, which is a TV favourite these days (The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, etc), so there are full chances that the show may break out into a huge hit.

While DC consolidates its foothold in TV, Marvel will be trying the same come January, with the premiere of Agent Carter, starring Hayley Atwell, who’ll be reprising her role as Peggy Carter from 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger and the badass Marvel one-shot short film, which is available on YouTube and is a *must* watch.

And if you think Marvel’s been slow to the party, wait for Daredevil in 2015, which will premiere on Netflix, and be the first in a series of four superhero TV shows, that will lead up to a superhero team-up miniseries, The Defenders, which will be much like The Avengers, but on the small screen. And at the moment, we’ve only discussed DC and Marvel – there are many more shows from many other comic books coming too.  The small screen is never going to be small again!

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Note: An edited version of this article first appeared in The Sunday Guardian in the September 13, 2014 issue.

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