Reviews: D-Day, Ship of Theseus, Red 2, White House Down

4 Movies. 4 Theaters. One Day. Achievement UNLOCKED! Here are my thoughts:

1. D-Day Movie: Very, very pleasantly surprised by the movie. It’s like a less fun, less cool, less well-made version of Inglorious Basterds (and that’s a compliment!!). The entire cast is great, and Nikhil Advani deserves a National Award for getting National Awardee Arjun Rampal to act for the very, very first time. They should’ve done away with the songs (and hence, Shruti Hassan), but one reason more than enough to watch the movie is: Irrfan Khan. Man! It’s like all other actors in Bollywood are operating on one level and this guy *is* a level in himself. Hat tip to Nikhil Advani for managing to make an original Indian thriller, and for the fact that he is not Abbas-Mustan.

Ship Of Theseus: You’ve probably heard from 15,342 people (or 15,342 times from the same 3 people :p) why Ship of Theseus is a must-watch but really, this film is more than just cinema, and honestly, the ‘cinematic’ parts of the films were the only ones that actually distract from its philosophy. This is an intelligent movie about powerful ideas and it plays out like having an interesting and engaging conversation with a very smart friend. And this is probably the ONLY time you will have at an Indian theater where people will not be jeering or snickering, because the tickets are too costly to afford not paying attention!

RED 2: MARY. LOUISE. PARKER. IS. SO. FUCKING. HILARIOUS! And John Malkovich is such a dude! And well, Bruce Willis! Do you really need more of a reason to go watch the film? Okay: Helen Mirren with big bad guns. This film is like Expendables with even older people, so basically, WATCH!

White House Down: I will never understand America. Pacific Rim is a flop but Man of Steel is a massive hit. White House Down is a flop but GI Joe: Retaliation is a massive hit. Go home America, you are drunk! Agreed, White House Down is no Independence Day but it is solid fun and perfectly well worth your money and popcorn. Channing Tatum is no Bruce Willis but for a man with a name like Channing Tatum, he can do jokes, he can fight, dance, he can look pretty, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT AMERICA? WHAT MORE DOES WHITE HOUSE DOWN HAVE TO DO FOR YOU TO LIKE IT? It even has a Black President who beats a guy with his cool shoe and says: “Don’t play with my toys!” 

To sum up: D-Day: Great. Ship of Theseus: Great. Red 2: Great. White House Down: Great. This is a rare week at the movies. Go nuts!


Note: This post was first published on July 21, 2013


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