Movie Recommendation: Run, Fatboy, Run (2007)

IT’S 2012! Which means two things:

a) If all goes according to plan, the world will come to an end this December and this is *literally* the last chance for you to strike things off your bucket list

b) By the time this issue comes out, you’d have already given up on doing half of them.

But to give you some inspiration (because we are cool like that), we’ll recommend for you this bloody brilliant British movie about making amends, about new beginnings and about not giving up though your competition is massively richer and better looking than you (and about trying not to think of this fact)!

2007’s Run Fatboy Run is the directorial debut of David Schwimmer, better known to the world as Ross of Ross and Rachel fame (of FRIENDS fame, if you live in a black hole) starring Simong Pegg in a lead role that was co-written by him and Michael Ian Black. The movie is a hilarious take on a fatty’s (Pegg as Dennis) attempt to win back his ex-fiance’s (hottie Thandie Newton as Libby) heart by running the marathon – which her rich and good-looking current fiancee (the awesome Hank Azaria as Whit) is running too!

To add to the madness, there are some quirky subplots like Dennis being a runaway groom, having left a pregnant Libby at the alter; Dennis receiving motivational coaching from his best friend Gordon (Dylan Moran), who is invested in it even more since he’s made a bet on it; and Dennis and Libby’s son turning into a bit of a runaway himself.

Schwimmer is completely at home directing British humour that’s both endearing and laugh-out-loud funny. His collaboration as an actor with Pegg in 2006’s Big Nothing is a criminally underrated noir comedy, and with this mainstream feel-good turn, he’s given us fanboys high hope of a collaborative comic franchise similar to Edgar Wright/Pegg or a Pegg/Nick Frost.

While we wait for their next together, watch this film because Ross is far more talented than anyone’s given him credit for, because we’ll lock you up in fanboy jail if you miss *any* film from Pegg’s filmography… and because we truly believe that it may just be British humour that’ll save the world from imploding in December.

Starring: Simon Pegg, Thandie Newton, Hank Azaria, Dylan Moran
Written By: Simon Pegg, Michael Ian Black
Directed By: David Schwimmer

Note: This recommendation first appeared in MTV Noise Factory, January 2012 issue
Picture courtesy: Google. None of the pictures are owned by the author all rights belong to the original owner(s) and photographer(s).
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