Movie Recommendation: My Sassy Girl (2001)

Someone great once rightly said, ‘There’s no bigger fool than a man in love.’ …Okay yes, that was us. We said that. Just now. Because we truly believe in it (and because we are experienced in it. First hand. Multiple times. Ouch.) Of course, it’s only a mere coincidence that this saying somehow weaves in the theme of this issue. We never even saw that coming!

If there is a movie that actually *relates* to the crap we have subjected you to in the above paragraph, it is the 2001 Korean romantic comedy, Yeopgijeogin geunyeo (My Sassy Girl). The movie, based on a series of blog posts written by Kim Ho-Sik describing his relationship with his girlfriend, is the perfect romcom – girls *and* guys will love it. Because, in some way, it’s the story of every young relationship… where the guy is nice and the girl is evil. Or maybe, it’s just us.

This hilarious, sweet, and super wacky film is about a hopelessly romantic young man, Gyeon-woo (Cha Tae-Hyun), who meets a drunk girl (Jun Ji-Hyun) one night, about to kill herself. He pulls her to safety, but realises, over the next few weeks, that it may have been a huge mistake, as the girl and he get into a relationship that makes him laugh and cry, sometimes together.

My Sassy Girl is one of those inexplicable movies that make you fall in love with them, without you even realising it. Much like “the girl” in the movie, who’s violent, half-mental and complicated but oh-my-God, bloody lovable (so yes, like the rest of female-kind).

Add to it the naïve, henpecked, clumsy Gyeon-woo, the quintessential ‘nice guy’ who is absolutely clueless on how to deal with girls in general, and this bizarre, bizarre girl in particular, and you have a romantic comedy that *actually* is both, with one of the best, most heartwarming endings ever!

The movie is one of the only ones ever in which the slapstick actually works for the lead characters, or perhaps it is just the fantastic script, direction or the acting – by artistes who seem like they were born to do this. If you plan on watching just one Korean film in your life, make this the one. You will be a FOOL not to!

Starring: Tae-hyun Cha, Gianna Jun, Jin-hie Han
Written By: Ho-sik Kim, Jae-young Kwak
Directed By: Jae-young Kwak

Note: This recommendation first appeared in MTV Noise Factory, April 2012 issue
Picture courtesy: Google. None of the pictures are owned by the author all rights belong to the original owner(s) and photographer(s).
© Copyright belongs to the author, Nikhil Taneja. The article may not be reproduced without permission. A link to the URL, instead, would be appreciated.


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