Movie Recommendation: Clerks II (2006)

It’s taken a long time for this day to come, but we finally have a food-themed issue. YAY! *raises hands and runs around in circles* Now that we’ve shown our allegiance to our editor’s brains, it’s important to point out that unless you count Chicken Run as one, there is no such thing as a ‘food movie’. No one’s ever written a movie about, say, the romance between ketchup and burgers. Which is a pity.

But there *are* movies that make you feel hungry like Harold and Kumar Go To The White Castle or Julie and Julia or err.. 9 And a Half Weeks, and there are also movies that use food symbolically to show you the bigger picture like Stand By Me or The Breakfast Club or err… American Pie. And then… there are movies like Clerks II, which takes place in a Fast Food Joint but has nothing to do with food whatsoever.

A follow up to Smith’s indie cult classic Clerks, Clerks II is just as awesome as the original, and yet, just as original as the… original. For those who haven’t seen Clerks yet, first, BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. And second, WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. Simply because Clerks was one of the very first indie films whose quirky, colloquial, obnoxious and ‘real’ writing appealed directly to the current generation who wouldn’t take another ‘80s coming of age film if it hit them in the face. First came Kevin Smith’s genius and his View Askewniverse, THEN came Judd Appatow and the frat pack.

Clerks II – which has the same writing style – is about two friends, Dante and Randall (from Clerks), who work in a Fast Food Joint, are now in their 30s, and have *still* not figured out life. Through the film and its story of one crazy day where s**t hits the fans, their life finds meaning and they come of age – again. The film again has the cult characters Jay and Silent Bob, and a hottie, Rosario Dawson, is also in the mix for good measure.

But the greatness of the Clerks series cannot be explained in words. Except if they are Kevin Smith’s. And that’s what you’ll take back after watching the films –some kickass, fresh writing you *never* thought possible in the movies. Watch it NOW!

Starring: Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Rosario Dawson
Written By: Kevin Smith
Directed By: Kevin Smith

Note: This recommendation first appeared in MTV Noise Factory, March 2012 issue
Picture courtesy: Google. None of the pictures are owned by the author all rights belong to the original owner(s) and photographer(s).
© Copyright belongs to the author, Nikhil Taneja. The article may not be reproduced without permission. A link to the URL, instead, would be appreciated.


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